Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
Loutsa beachIdeal for sea and beach lovers Preveza has a lot to offer concerning swimming and sea sports in crystal clear waters and beautiful sights. One of the most famous beaches of Preveza prefecture is Loutsa-Vrachos.

Clean and intact from human intervention, our beaches are ready to welcome all summer visitors, inspiring respect towards the preservation of a grandiose natural environment. Coves, give their way to gulfs, and sand to rocks in a magnificent and in the same time harmonic way. Pine-tree forests cover vast areas up to the beaches, inducing a spectacular and safe environment for every taste and all ages.

Just 28km away from Preveza and 100m from the nearest village, Loutsa beach is an extended extraordinary beach with crystal blue-green waters and fine sand in a green environment full of trees.

Access to the beach is achieved through Parga-Preveza highway, using a secondary road, just 500m away from the former.


For those who like nature and its beauty, this area offers many alternatives and sight-seeings. Among others we refer to:

Aherontas River

Axerontas river

Aherontas river, which is closely connected to mythology, is crossing Fanari valley debouching into the Ionian Sea. It is thus responsible for the existence of a number of ecosystems and areas of special interest as far as walking and exploration is concerned.

It crosses the valley defined of the mountains  situated between the district of Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia, and passing through historical Souli mountains (known as "Aheronta channels") it comes close to Gliki village where small rivers are created in a natural way. There you can have activities like riding in the river, as well as rafting.

Aherontas river debouches at Ammoudia village. There, a physical "delta" is created as a result from the transportation of natural materials, which extend in this way land into the sea. Aherontas is just 20 minutes away from Loucha-Vrachos beach by car.




The most important and the oldest oracle is the Oracle (Nekromanteio) of Aherontas.

The ancient Oracle of Aherontas is placed near Kanalaki village, at Mesopotamos village. It was situated near the conjunction of the rivers Aherontas, Kokitos and Piriflegethontas, at the north banks of Aherousia lake. This was believed to be the entrance of the souls to nether world. Nekromanteio is constructed at the top of a hill that visitors  reached from Ammoudia village. There were the "gates" of nether world where people could get in touch with the souls of their beloved.

The Nekromanteio is a popular destination of high historical importance and is just 20 minutes away from Azalena Hotel (http://www.azalena.gr
) at Loucha-Vrachos beach by car.